Complete a UofT credit overseas in 3-6 weeks!

The Summer Abroad programs are designed to enrich students’ academic lives by providing an exciting and educational international experience. Students complete full-year University of Toronto undergraduate degree credit courses from the Faculty of Arts & Science that are relevant to each location. Relatively small classes (about 25 students on average) are taught by University of Toronto professors or faculty from the host university. All classes, with the exception of language courses, are taught in English.


Summer Abroad sets new record

The Summer Abroad program set a new record this year with over 1,100 students participating. Students had the opportunity to earn a full-year credit in three to six weeks by pairing classroom study with hands-on engagement in activities ranging from conservation study in Darwin, Sydney and Cairns, Australia to taking a political science course in Thessaloniki, Greece, focusing on “Greece, the Balkans and the European Union”.

Information on 2017 programming will be available on this site by mid-December. Plans for 2017 programming are already underway with new courses being developed in Maynooth, Ireland and the Republic of Georgia. In the meantime, take a sneak peak at the 2017 course list and plan to attend one of our upcoming information sessions.

Questions? Create a Summer Abroad account and book an appointment with a Summer Abroad advisor.

Earn a full-year POL credit in Greece next summer!

This will be the second year that the University of Toronto has offered a summer course in Greece. Students will earn a full-year Political Science credit in five weeks while living and learning in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city. This course will benefit students interested in immersing themselves in Greek history and culture. The program will be organized and hosted by the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT), an institution with a long and prestigious history that dates back to 1886. Students will be housed close to the campus with easy access to the classroom and will have full use of the stunning ACT campus’ facilities and services.

Field trips, which are designed to complement the focus on events since the 1820s, include a two-night visit to Athens/Delphi and overnight excursions to Thassos or Samothraki, Ioannina/Meteora, Philippi/Kavala and Pozar/Edessa.