The University of Toronto will offer a French culture course focussing on Tours, France. It is worth one full-year credit and is contingent on adequate enrolment.

FCS369Y0 The Culture of Touraine

This course explores the beneficial influence of Italian culture on French Touraine during the peak of its development in the Loire region. We will look at the impact of key figures of their times who have left an important cultural legacy still present in major sites of the UNESCO protected Loire valley, such as Joan of Arc, François I, and Catherine de Medici. Whereas Rabelais and the castle of Chinon, and their celebration of rustic pleasures, are excellent examples of the French taste, the works of French poet Ronsard, as well as the châteaux of Chambord and Villandry exhibit the esthetically pleasing compromise between French and Italian styles, with a new savoir-vivre and the gradually more refined manners and tastes of the period vividly illustrated in art and architecture. The course is organized around virtual field trips (every Tuesday).

Prerequisites: At least 4.0 full credits in any subject
Breadth Requirement = 1
FCS396Y0 – 2021 course outline

Virtual Program Activities

In addition to daily lectures and virtual classroom discussions, the course will feature some of the following activities (subject to change) 

- Virtual visit of the royal fortress of Chinon 
- Virtual treasure hunt in the castle of Chambord 
- Virtual guided tour of Clos Lucé, Leonardo da Vinci’s home 
- Virtual tour of the gardens of Villandry 


Professor Pascal Michelucci is a specialist of French culture and literature. He completed a PhD in French poetry and has presented more than sixty conference papers (in Vancouver, Montreal, Paris, London, New York, Oslo, Seoul, and Zagreb among many). He taught in the Summer Abroad program in 2008 and is delighted to return to Tours.