The University of Toronto will offer a French culture course and French language courses in Tours, France. The courses are worth one full-year credit and are contingent on adequate enrolment. Students are not permitted to register for more than one course.


FCS369Y0 The Culture of Touraine

FCS369Y0 The Culture of Touraine

This course explores the beneficial influence of Italian culture on French Touraine during the peak of its development in the Loire region. We will look at the impact of key figures of their times who have left an important cultural legacy still present in major sites of the UNESCO protected Loire Valley, such as Joan of Arc, François I and Catherine de Medici. Whereas Rabelais and the castle of Chinon, and their celebration of rustic pleasures, are excellent examples of the French taste, the works of French poet Ronsard, as well as the châteaux of Chambord, Villandry and Cheverny, exhibit the aesthetically pleasing compromise between French and Italian styles, with a new savoir-vivre and the gradually more refined manners and tastes of the period vividly illustrated in art and architecture. The course is organized around field trips (every Thursday).


Prerequisites: 1 FCE in History or relevant academic preparation
Breadth Requirement = 1
FCS396Y0 – 2020 course outline

Field Trips

Students will visit a variety of important sites, including several châteaux in the Loire region. The cost of these trips is CAD$450, paid to U of T for all fees and return bus transportation.


Professor Pascal Michelucci is a specialist of French culture and literature. He completed a PhD in French poetry and has presented more than sixty conference papers (in Vancouver, Montreal, Paris, London, New York, Oslo, Seoul, and Zagreb among many). He taught in the Summer Abroad program in 2008 and is delighted to return to Tours.


FSL***Y0 French Language Courses in Tours

FSL***Y0 French Language Courses in Tours

Each course is worth one full-year credit and is contingent on adequate enrolment. Students are not permitted to register for more than one course.

Students enrol in Institut de Touraine French language courses, but earn University of Toronto credit (i.e., the U of T course number and grade will be listed on their U of T transcript). Classes take place Monday to Friday (class times and schedules are not available until after students arrive in Tours; however, typically no classes are held on Friday afternoons).

French Language Levels

Students participate in the regular language courses offered by the Institut de Touraine. Classes are small and include students from around the world, in addition to participants in the U of T summer program. Students have access to several language labs, a small library and a multimedia studio.

The Institut de Touraine language program comprises nine levels of instruction. The following are the U of T equivalencies; it is your responsibility to ensure you are eligible to take your requested course:

Level Institut Title St. George Code UTSC Code (for reference only) UTM Code (for reference only)
A1.0 Débutant FSL100H & FSL102H FREA96H+FREA97H FSL105H+FSL106H
A1.1 / A1.2 Élémentaire 1 FSL121Y FREA98H+FREA99H FSL205Y

A1.3 / A2.1

A2.2 / A2.3

Élémentaire 2

Élémentaire 3


B1.1 / B1.2

B1.3 / B2.1

Intermédiaire 1

Intermédiaire 2


B2.2 / B2.3


Intermédiaire 3

Avancé 1


C1.2 / C1.3

C2.1 / C2.2 / C2.3

Avancé 2



FSL442H & FSL443H FRED01H+FRED06H Contact UTM Language Studies

NOTE: All students will receive the St. George course code on their transcripts. The UTSC and UTM codes above are provided as a guide only; students at these campuses will need to verify the course equivalency with their French Department’s undergraduate counselors and Study Elsewhere advisors.

Instructors: Institut de Touraine Faculty
2020 FSL***Y0 Couse Outline

Applicants with previous French exposure are required to complete an online placement assessment. This is not the U of T placement exam and as such is mandatory for all students with previous French exposure. Details about the placement assessment will be sent to students after the application deadline.

Absolute Beginners: Students with no significant French exposure at any level (formal instruction or non-academic exposure) DO NOT have to write the placement assessment. If you request the beginner level (FSL100H+FSL102H) but have had previous French exposure you must sit for the placement assessment.

Based on the assessment results, students will be assigned to the most appropriate level. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are eligible to take the FSL course you have been assigned. It is not possible to take a course for which you already have a credit or an exclusion. If you are not eligible to take the course(s) of your choice, your $200 application fee will be refunded.

Please note that the Institut de Touraine employs a different grading scale than the University of Toronto. French universities use a grading system based on a 20-point grade scale. Institut grades will be multiplied by 5.0 to get the U of T percentage equivalent.

NOTE: U of T students are not guaranteed entrance into upper-year French language courses on return to Toronto, but may need to pass a placement test. Students interested in continuing language studies at U of T should find out as early as possible what the requirements will be for them to advance to the appropriate level on their return from France.