Complete a UofT credit overseas in 3-6 weeks!

The Summer Abroad programs are designed to enrich students’ academic lives by providing an exciting and educational international experience. Students complete full-year University of Toronto undergraduate degree credit courses from the Faculty of Arts & Science that are relevant to each location. Relatively small classes (about 25 students on average) are taught by University of Toronto professors or faculty from the host university. All classes, with the exception of language courses, are taught in English.


Applications are now open!

Applications are now open for all 2020 Summer Abroad programs. Apply by FEBRUARY 3, 2020 at 5pm.

Site-specific information sessions will be held at Woodsworth College in January. General information sessions at UTM and UTSC will also take place in January.

Questions? Follow us on instagram for updates, book an appointment with an advisor and attend our information sessions.

Summer Abroad in Italy: So much to Indulge in

Few cultures have been as widely exported as Italy’s, and even fewer boast such a universal appreciation for these exports. From pizza and espresso to Renaissance art and luxury brands, there is little that comes from Italy that isn’t available (or sought) in the rest of the world. However, there is always value to be found by exploring the genesis of things, especially in a culture so rich, which is why there are six Summer Abroad courses offered in Italy in 2020. Read more..

Cancellation of Hong Kong Summer Abroad Program for 2020

(November 6, 2019) After careful consideration, Summer Abroad has decided that the program in Hong Kong will not run in 2020.  The safety of our students while they are abroad is our top priority.  We have been closely monitoring the situation in Hong Kong and due to the uncertainty around possible disruption to local services and infrastructure we have determined that it would be prudent to suspend the program for a year.  We look forward to resuming the program in Hong Kong in 2021.

Summer Abroad 2019 Reunion – Confidence on Display

On Thursday, October 3rd, students and faculty from all 2019 Summer Abroad courses reunited in Hart House’s Great Hall for an evening of bittersweet reminiscence, nostalgia-filled encounters, and much needed catching up. The annual Summer Abroad Reunion is a chance for students to reconnect and fill each other in on life since their unique summer course. Read more..

Advice from past Summer Abroad participants

Have some questions or are not sure what to expect when you go on summer abroad? We’ve asked some of our former participants a few questions about their experiences, and how you can be prepared!