Penguin colony on Boulders Beach, Cape Town, South Africa


Virtual Course Options for 2021

* Course codes and titles are subject to change.

* Note: 2022 Course Options will be listed here by December 2021.


  Code   Course Title
ANT395Y0 Andalusian Cuisine: A Window to Spanish Culture (Spain)
CIN378Y0 The Italian Cinematic City: A Grand Tour (Italy)
CRI389Y0 Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities in Criminal Law: Historical Origins and New Directions in England and Canada (England)
ENG296Y0 Shakespeare (England)
ENV382H0 Special Topics in Environment: Introduction to Ecuador (Ecuador)
FAH390Y0 Studies Abroad in Spanish Art and Architecture: Seville: Twenty Centuries of Art History (Spain)
FAH393Y0 Studies Abroad in Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture (Italy)
FCS369Y0 The Culture of Touraine (France)
HIS343Y0 History of Modern Intelligence (England)
ITA358/359Y0 Modern Italian Culture: Exploring Italian Culture, Then and Now (Italy)
JPA331Y0 Issues in Contemporary Chinese Politics: The Rise of Global China 
POL300Y0 Modern Greek Culture: People, Tradition, Language and Cuisine (Greece)
PSY306Y0 Special Topics in Psychology: Disability - Culture and Inclusion
RSM395Y0 Inclusive Consulting with Micro-Enterprises (South Africa) 
RSM395Y0 Business Modeling and Global Organizations (South Korea) 
SOC393Y0 Contemporary Chinese Society (China: Beijing & Tianjin)