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Summer Abroad Course list

You can complete a full-year University of Toronto undergraduate degree credit course in 4-5 weeks. 

All classes taught in English (except language courses).

Explore the diverse courses available through Summer Abroad!

Note: Course codes and titles are subject to change. 

Courses for 2023 Summer

  Code   Course Title Summer Abroad Program (Destination)
ANT395Y0 Andalusian Cuisine: A Window to Spanish Culture Spain
ANT396Y0 Italian Regional Foodways and Culture  Italy
BMS312Y0 The Rise of the Modern Book in Renaissance Italy Italy
CAR332Y0 Puerto Rican Culture and Environment  Puerto Rico
CSC396Y0 Designing Systems for Real World Problems Germany
CRI389Y0 Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities in Criminal Law: Historical Origins and New Directions in England and Canada England
CRI389Y0 Current Issues in International Criminology  Italy
ECO250Y0 Big Data Tools and Applied Machine Learning for Economists  England
ENG296Y0 Topics in English Literature: Jane Austen & Her Contemporaries England
ENV395Y0 Special Topics Field Course: Ecology and Conservation in the Amazon, Andes and Cloud Forest  Ecuador
ENV397Y0 Field Course: Costa Rica: A Living Laboratory for Sustainability in Practice Costa Rica 
FAH392Y0 Studies Abroad in Medieval Art and Architecture  France
FAH390Y0 Seville: Twenty Centuries of Art History Spain
FCS369Y0 The Culture of Touraine France
FSL***Y0 French language courses at various levels  France

City Past, City Future: Urban Space and Cultural Memory in Berlin

GER354Y0 Berlin: A Tale of More than two Cities Germany
HIS389Y0 France since 1431


HMB396Y0 International Research Project in Human Biology


IRE332Y0 Historical British Industrial and Cultural Influences on the Contemporary Workplace  England
ITA358Y/359Y0 Modern Italian Culture  Italy
JPA331Y0 Rise of China as a Global Power Singapore
MGT395Y0 Business Modeling and Global Organizations South Korea
MGT396Y0 Inclusive Consulting with Micro-Enterprises South Africa
MGT397Y0 Banks and Markets: History, Economics and Regulation Italy
POL300Y0 Modern Greek Culture: People, Tradition, Language and Cuisine  Greece
PRT***Y0 Portuguese language courses at various levels  Portugal

PSY306Y0 LEC3001

Special Topics in Psychology Abroad: Disability: Culture and Inclusion England
PSY306Y0 LEC3002 Special Topics in Psychology Abroad: Global Mental Health  Greece
RLG290Y0 Special Topics: Religion in Tuscany Italy
SOC393Y0 China from a Distance: Domestic and Global Chinese Communities Singapore
SPA100Y0 Spanish Language Course for Beginners



All courses, except for the language courses, are taught in English.