Penguin colony on Boulders Beach, Cape Town, South Africa


2020 Summer Abroad Courses

* Course codes and titles are subject to change.

** Note: half-year credit for ENV396YH course in Australia.

  Code   Course Title
ANT395Y0 Andalusian Cuisine: A Window to Spanish Culture (Spain)
ANT396Y0 Italian Regional Foodways and Culture (Italy)
CIN378Y0 The Italian Cinematic City: A Grand Tour (Italy)
CRI389Y0 Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities in Criminal Law: Historical Origins and New Directions in England and Canada (England)
ENG296Y0 Shakespeare (England)
ENV395Y0 Ecology and Conservation in the Amazon, Galapagos and Andes (Ecuador)
ENV396H0** Australian Wildlife and Conservation (Australia)
FAH390Y0 Seville: Twenty Centuries of Art History (Spain)
FAH393Y0 Studies Abroad in Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture (Italy)
FCS369Y0 The Culture of Touraine (France)
FSL***Y0 French language courses at various levels (France)
GER354Y0 A Tale of More than Two Cities (Germany)
HIS298Y0 The History of Britain from Earliest Times to the Industrial Revolution (England)
HIS343Y0 History of Modern Espionage (England)
HMB396Y0 International Research Project in Human Biology (Science Abroad: Shandong; Science Abroad: Taiwan)
IRE332Y0 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Leadership (Italy)
ITA358/359Y0 Exploring Italian Culture, Then and Now (Italy)
JPA376Y0 Transforming Global Politics: Comparative and Chinese Perspectives (China: Shanghai)
NMC261Y0 Field Archaeology (Republic of Georgia)
PHY396Y0 Research Topic Abroad (Science Abroad: Switzerland)
POL300Y0 Contested Boundaries: Immigration, Citizenship and Multiculturalism in Germany and Europe (Germany)
POL300Y0 Modern Greek Culture: People, Tradition, Language and Cuisine (Greece)
PRT***Y0 Portuguese language courses at various levels (Portugal)
PSY306Y0 Disability: Culture and Inclusion (England)
RSM395Y0 Inclusive Consulting with Micro-Enterprises (South Africa)
RSM395Y0 Business Modeling and Global Organizations (South Korea)
RSM395Y0 Strategy in a European Context (Central Europe)
SOC393Y0 Contemporary Chinese Society (China: Beijing & Tianjin)
SPA100Y0 Spanish for Beginners (Spain)
SPA255Y0 Introduction to the Hispanic World (Spain)