Japan (May - June)

Japan: Greater Tokyo Area

Saturday, May 11 to Saturday, June 8 2024 (4 weeks)

This will be the first year for Summer Abroad to offer an Industrial Relations and Human Resources course in the Greater Tokyo Area, Japan. There will be one course: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Resolving Workplace Conflict.

Japanese society and its emphasis on harmony, group identity and on lifelong employment has fueled tremendous economic success and resilience during national crises. This course will look at these national traits by exploring them through the lens of Japanese culture, its governance, and its workplace ethos by reading and discussing scholarly works, as well as experiencing fieldtrips. After analyzing these characteristics, the course will culminate with an understanding of strategies for resolving workplace conflict.

The program is hosted by a university in Tokyo. Students will be housed close to campus with easy access to the classroom.


About Greater Tokyo Area

The capital of Japan, Tokyo is a city of contrasts, between mammoth scale and intricate detail, adrenaline pumping busy-ness and Zen-like calm. Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world with a population of more than 13 million; almost one-fourth of Japan’s total population lives within commuting distance of the city. Devastated twice in the last century by earthquake and bombing, Tokyo achieved rapid restoration both times to remain the centre of Japanese politics, economics, and culture. Tokyo also remains one of the safest cities in the world, with remarkably little crime or violence.

Program Activities

To help students fully experience the richness of Japanese culture, our program in Japan is planning to offer a selection of activities and field trips. Immerse yourself in the traditional art of the tea ceremony with a kimono experience, gaining insights into the cultural significance of this ritual. Explore local design exhibits and museums in Tokyo, including the Kanagawa Museum of Modern Literature, to understand the evolution of Japanese design and literature. Additionally, embark on a day trip to Tokyo Tower, the Imperial Palace, and possibly Hakone, witnessing iconic landmarks and delving into Japan's imperial history. These to-be-confirmed activities will be complemented by optional on-site experiences, providing students with the chance to explore unique facets of Japanese culture and create lasting memories of their summer abroad journey.