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Terms of Participation & Accessibility

Terms of Participation

As a condition of enrolment, all students will be required to provide written acknowledgement and consent of risks and terms of participating (which include agreeing to abide by the University of Toronto's and the host institution's rules, regulations and code of conduct, and acknowledging their personal liability).

Students will also be required to complete a pre-departure orientation, obtain and provide proof of adequate health insurance, obtain all appropriate travel documents (visa, passport, etc.) and read all materials provided by the Professional and International Programs office (including email, admission documents and Student Handbook). The University of Toronto does not arrange medical travel insurance or flight cancellation insurance; this is the responsibility of each program participant. 

Class attendance, including attendance on all field trips in all Summer Abroad programs, is mandatory. In addition, some courses may require students to complete an assignment or attend lectures prior to the start of the program. 

Students who wish to enrol in an on-campus summer course are responsible for ensuring that this course does not overlap with their Summer Abroad course. The Faculty of Arts and Science will not make special arrangements for on-campus final exams that conflict with a student's Summer Abroad course. In addition, the Summer Abroad office cannot coordinate the invigilation of deferred exams from previous academic sessions.

Students are expected to accept responsibility for the preparations for their study abroad experience so as to foster self-reliance after arrival. In this regard, all communications regarding the program (e.g. course enrolment, accommodation arrangements, etc.) are made directly with each student. We cannot discuss details with non-participants, including parents or guardians (except in the case of students under 18), unless the student agrees to such disclosures and is present at those discussions.

Students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in the Faculty of Arts and Science or the Mississauga or Scarborough campuses may choose to participate in a Summer Abroad course on a credit/no-credit (CR/NCR) basis. They must declare this intention no later than the drop date for the course by contacting the Professional and International Programs office at Woodsworth College in writing. Under no circumstances will late requests be considered. 

Students who decide to withdraw from the program must notify the Professional and International Programs office in writing. If this happens after the program has begun, the student must leave the residence at that time and will be responsible for their own accommodation. As stated below, all fees (including tuition and accommodation) are non-refundable.


Trips to Other Countries May Involve Risks such as personal injury, death, property damage, expense and other loss, delay or inconvenience, course cancellation or curtailment, poor road and transportation systems, tropical or other diseases, exposure to wildlife, medical facilities of a lower standard than what might be expected in Canada, weather, illness, political disturbances, terrorism, motor vehicle accidents, transportation problems, tribal violence, failure to perform on the part of travel agents, airlines or excursion companies, problems relating to customs, immigration or visa requirements.

The University of Toronto and Woodsworth College, their officers, employees, agents and assigns ("the University") do not assume any liability and shall not be responsible in any way for any loss, death, injury or damage to persons or property or for any illness, accident, sickness, cancellation, delay, alteration, inconvenience, expense, damages or otherwise suffered or incurred by any person in connection with this program, the courses, travel or accommodation arrangements or any portion thereof. Participants will be required to WAIVE ANY AND ALL CLAIMS and hold harmless and indemnify the University from any and all liability which may arise out of their participation EXCEPT to the extent caused by the sole negligence of the University.

Accessibility Abroad

Students with disabilities who require accommodations (e.g. extra time to complete assignments, adaptive technology, barrier-free environment, sign language interpreters, etc.) must meet with their Accessibility Advisor to discuss needs BEFORE applying for Summer Abroad:

Please note that the range of accommodations may differ from country to country. We cannot guarantee that sites will be able to offer all the accommodations that are available at U of T.

Students may want to consider questions such as: What kind of accommodations will I need abroad? Do I have the appropriate documentation and arrangements for my accommodations? What is the local learning environment and local infrastructure like? Who do I need to work with to make arrangements for my accommodations? 

Students are advised to work closely with both Accessibility Services and Summer Abroad as they prepare to participate in a study abroad program. Students are strongly encouraged to contact the Summer Abroad office office as early as possible to discuss which sites might best suit their needs so that we may provide the best possible student experience. If you have any questions about whether on your accommodation accessibility abroad needs can be provided at the site to which you are applying, please email or call 416-978-8713.