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Eligibility Requirements

The U of T Summer Abroad programs are open to North American university students in good standing, as well as alumni. Anyone enrolled at a school other than the University of Toronto may apply as a Visiting Student.

All students must meet the program admission requirements in order to participate. Further details are listed below. 

For Science Abroad, admission is based on CGPA, response to a questionnaire, and an interview, as required

U of T Students and Alumni

University of Toronto undergraduate students in a degree program

  • U of T students who have completed one or more courses must have a CGPA of at least 1.75 at the time of application. A Credit/ No Credit (CR/NCR) grade may be included as part of your academic record assessment. 
  • First-year students with no final grades yet may also apply but must have completed a term of study by the time of application.
  • Students on academic probation or suspension at the time of application are not eligible to participate.

U of T students in a professional faculty or graduate program

  • Most students registered in professional faculties or graduate programs may enrol in Arts & Science courses as electives.
  • Please check with your Faculty to ensure that you have permission to enrol in the course you have chosen.  Once admitted, additional information may be requested from you to assist in your registration.

U of T alumni

  • All degree graduates of U of T are eligible, although students should check with their home faculty/division about re-registration procedures.  For example, Arts & Science alumni may need to reactivate their college registration before they can be enrolled in a Summer Abroad course.

Visiting Students

  • Students may apply to the Summer Abroad programs if they are admitted as a Visiting Student to the University of Toronto.
  • Applicants must arrange for their home university registrar’s office to send a Letter of Permission (LOP) directly to the Professional & International Programs Office. This should be done as soon as possible, but students should NOT wait for the LOP before submitting their online Summer Abroad application.
  • Applicants must submit an unofficial copy of your current university transcript with your application.

If you are currently registered at a recognized North American university (other than the University of Toronto) you may be eligible to participate in the Summer Abroad programs as a Visiting Student. Please note Summer Abroad programs are competitive and preference is given to current University of Toronto students.

To apply as a visiting student, you must arrange for your Registrar to produce a Letter of Permission.

Letter of Permission (LOP)

A Letter of Permission, often referred to as an LOP, is an official letter of approval issued by your home university. The LOP allows you to take courses for credit at the University of Toronto for a specified session, transferring the credits back to your home university for the purpose of completing an undergraduate degree.

What should your Letter of Permission include?

1. Your full name.
2. That you are in good academic standing at your home university (i.e., not on suspension or probation).
3. The academic session in which you want to take a course (e.g., “Summer 2020”).
4. The UofT Summer Abroad course code and title you have applied for (e.g., “POL300Y – Modern Greek Culture”). Your LOP should indicate that the course is to be credited to your degree at your home institution.
5. The name and contact information of the person at your home university who has signed the LOP.

Please note:

Transfer Credit

Once you have completed the UofT Summer Abroad course, you will need to make arrangements to receive credit for the course at your home university.To do this you must request an official transcript from the University of Toronto through the Transcript Office. A fee is charged for each transcript (currently $12.00). You will require your University of Toronto student number to make a transcript request (this number appears on your admission letter and all your invoices). If you misplace this number, contact the Professional & International Programs office.


It is possible to be admitted to the University of Toronto as a Non-Degree Student provided the admission requirements for part-time study in the Faculty of Arts and Science are met.

Applicants must arrange for official transcripts of their most recent university studies to be mailed directly from the institution(s) they have attended to the Professional and International Programs office at Woodsworth College.

Students will also need to submit the Non-Degree form, which is available on request from the Professional and International Programs office.