2019 Summer Abroad Courses*

  Code   Course Title
ANT396Y0 Italian Regional Foodways and Culture (Italy)
CSC396Y0 Designing Systems for Real World Problems (Germany)
CHM396Y0 Research Topic Abroad (Science Abroad: Hungary)
CIN378Y0 Aspects of National Cinema: Ireland (Ireland)
CRI389Y0 Current Issues in International Criminology (Italy)
CRI389Y0 Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities in Criminal Law: Historical Origins and New Directions in England and Canada (England)
DRM385Y0 Art and Politics in China (China: Hong Kong)
EAS395Y0 Leadership and Governance in China (China: Hong Kong)
ENG296Y0 The English Novel from Jane Austen to Zadie Smith (England)
ENG297Y0 Italy Imagined: Novels in English (Italy)
ENV395Y0 Ecology and Conservation in the Amazon, Galapagos and Andes (Ecuador)
ENV396H0** Australian Wildlife and Conservation (Australia)
FAH390Y0 Seville: Twenty Centuries of Art History (Spain)
FAH392Y0 Studies Abroad in Medieval Art and Architecture (England)
FSL***Y0 French language courses at various levels (France)
GER354Y0 A Tale of More than Two Cities (Germany)
HIS357Y0 A Social History of Renaissance Europe (Germany)
HIS367Y0 Making and Re-Making Central Europe: Imperial Pasts, Imperial Aspirations, Wars and Revolutions (Central Europe)
HIS385Y0 The History of Hong Kong (China: Hong Kong)
HIS389Y0 Topics in History: France since 1431 (France)
HMB396Y0 International Research Project in Human Biology (Science Abroad: China)
IRE332Y0 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Leadership (Italy)
ITA358/359Y0 Modern Italian Culture (Italy)
JPA331Y0 China Now: From Mao to Xi (China: Peking University)
JPA376Y0 Transforming Global Politics: Comparative and Chinese Perspectives (China: Shanghai)
NEW370Y0 Caribbean Islands: Revolutions and Tourists (Grenada)
NMC261Y0 Field Archaeology (Republic of Georgia)
PHY396Y0 Research Topic Abroad (Science Abroad: Switzerland)
POL300Y0 Modern Greek Culture: People, Tradition, Language and Cuisine (Greece)
PRT***Y0 Portuguese language courses at various levels (Portugal)
PSY306Y0 Developmental Psychobiology (England)
PSY306Y0 Disability: Culture and Inclusion (Italy)
RSM295Y0 History and Design of Financial Institutions (England or Hong Kong)
RSM295Y0 International Management (China: Hong Kong)
RSM395Y0 Business Modeling and Global Organizations (South Korea)
RSM395Y0 Inclusive Consulting with Micro-Enterprises (South Africa)
RSM395Y0 Strategy in a European Context (Central Europe)
SOC393Y0 Contemporary Chinese Society (China: Beijing & Tianjin)
SPA100Y0 Spanish for Beginners (Spain)
SPA255Y0 Introduction to the Hispanic World (Spain)

*Course codes and titles are subject to change.
**Note: half-year credit for ENV396H course in Australia.