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COVID-19 Update & Planning

COVID-19 Update & Planning

Students participating in the Summer Abroad on-site programs are advised to follow the instructions and steps as indicated on the University of Toronto Safety Abroad Student's page.

For travel during COVID-19, please review the COVID-19 Planning page before you submit the application. As you prepare to return to travel, the COVID travel checklist on the COVID-19 Planning page guides you through things that are important for you to do prior to travel.

COVID Travel Checklist:

1. Stay up-to-date with the COVID-19 situation at the destination of your activity

2. Be fully vaccinated by completing a COVID-19 vaccine series, as indicated on the Global Affairs Canada (GAC) travel advisories

3. Watch the learning modules created by International SOS: "Coronavirus Awareness" and "Pandemic Planning - Return to Travel

  • ​​​​​​​The Coronavirus Awareness and Pandemic Planning – Return to Travel are new additions (Module 5 and 6) to the mandatory Safety Abroad On-line Workshop. You will be instructed to register for the Safety Abroad Workshop (Modules 1 to 6) once you are admitted to the Summer Abroad program. You should be able to access the modules on-line through Quercus once you are registered for the Safety Abroad Workshop.

      Here are some tips if you have trouble accessing the videos for Modules 5 and 6:

4. Ensure you have sufficient travel health insurance, including coverage for COVID-19 requirements such as screening, testing, and proof of vaccination and/or quarantine requirements.

  • The GAC Travel Advisories include Entry/Exit Requirements per country
  • Refer to the International SOS's Travel Restrictions page which includes up-to-date information on flight and travel restrictions, screenings and entry requirements for each country. (You will need U of T's membership # to access the site: 27ACAS808982)
  • Download the International SOS (ISOS) App, U of T's Travel Assistance Provider. You will be able to access health and security advice while abroad. This resource is available for free to all participants in the Program.

For additional updates from the university related to COVID-19, please visit the Office of Vice-Provost, Students: COVID-19 FAQ page.