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Course and Incidental Fees

Course Fees and Incidental Fees

All course and other fees for the Summer Abroad program are subject to Governing Council approval. A detailed breakdown of these fees is available in each program section of this site.

University of Toronto staff and their dependents are eligible for a course fee rebate according to the terms of the staff person's union or association. The rebate will be calculated in relation to the standard tuition charged for a regular U of T on-campus course, not in relation to the Summer Abroad course fee.

The incidental fees charged for participating in a Summer Abroad program will be charged to each student's ACORN account (not through the Summer Abroad application site). To review your fees invoice, log into your ACORN account and click on "Financial Accounts." The fee amount will vary according to each student's enrolment status.

Note: According to U of T policy, incidental fees are a compulsory part of students' tuition. This includes students who cannot use on-campus services, such as exchange/Summer Abroad students. Incidental fees are set on the understanding that all students will contribute to the cost of student services. In addition, many of these services can in fact be used while abroad (e.g. counselling services, UTOR accounts, online library access, etc.).