Portugal (July)

Students enrol in University of Lisbon ICLP Portuguese language courses, but earn a University of Toronto credit (i.e. the U of T course number and grade will be listed on their U of T transcript). Each course is worth one full-year credit and is contingent on adequate enrolment. Classes take place Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm.

PRT***Y0 Portuguese Language Courses

Students participate in the regular language courses offered through the University of Lisbon. Classes are small and include students from around the world, in addition to participants in the U of T summer program. Students have access to the library, university computers, canteens and the university stadium.

U of T Equivalencies:

Level ICLP Title St. George Code
A1/A2 Elementary Level PRT100Y
B1 Intermediate Level I PRT220Y
B2 Intermediate Level II PRT320Y


Completion of online Placement Exam.

Course Outlines

Course Outline - A1 Beginner
Course Outline - A2 Elementary

Field Trips

The University of Lisbon offers numerous field trips throughout the program. Upon arrival, students are free to choose based on their area of interest.


University of Lisbon Faculty

Placement Exam

All Portuguese language courses require students to complete an online placement test that assesses grammar, reading and listening skills. This will ensure that students are enrolled in a level of study appropriate to their knowledge of Portuguese. Information about the placement test will be sent to applicants after the Summer Abroad application deadline. In addition to the online test, upon arrival in Lisbon, the ICLP faculty will conduct an oral exam on the first day of classes to confirm the suitability of students in their assigned levels.

Because the oral exam takes place after students arrive in Portugal, students who have previously taken Portuguese courses at U of T risk being placed in a course they have already received credit for. Evaluation of the placement test and oral exam is done by ICLP. Every effort will be made to enrol students in the course to which they are best suited, but there is no guarantee that students will gain access to the level required for their U of T program of study.