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Complete a U of T Credit Overseas in 3-5 weeks

The Summer Abroad programs are designed to enrich students' academic lives by providing an exciting and educational international experience. Students complete full-year University of Toronto undergraduate degree credit courses from the Faculty of Arts and Science that are relevant to each location. Relatively small classes (about 25 students on average) are taught by University of Toronto professors or faculty from the host university. All classes, with the exception of languages courses, are taught in English.

One of the most important and engaging aspects of these programs is that the learning is not limited to the classroom. The locations themselves become your "living textbook." You will observe and experience many of the things you study, including the language, history, culture, art, religion, business and politics of the host country.

Since 1972, thousands of students have earned a University of Toronto credit outside of Canada through one of our programs. The responses have been consistently enthusiastic - many previous participants rate their Summer Abroad experience as the best summer of their lives!

In keeping with the University of Toronto's policies on equity, diversity and excellence, the Summer Abroad programs strive to be fully inclusive. Studying abroad presents unique challenges in regard to equity issues. However we seek to ensure to the greatest extend possible that all students enjoy the opportunity to participate in these programs. Our support for equity is grounded in an institution-wide commitment to achieving a working, teaching, and learning environment that is free of discrimination and harassment as defined in the Ontario Human Rights Code.