Housing and Flights

Housing and Flights

The University of Toronto arranges for students to live in the host site's student accommodation or in local hotels for the duration of the program and, for some programs, to fly to the destination as a group. Arrangements are made for participants of the group flight to be transported from the the airport to the university-arranged housing; other students must make their own way to the host site.

Except where noted, students may choose to make their own travel and housing arrangements. For example, students who wish to travel on dates that differ from the group flight dates must arrange their own flights.

On the other hand, private accommodation abroad is often limited and varies in quality; as a result we generally recommend that students use the housing provided through the Summer Abroad program unless a student is studying with family or friends or is very familiar with the program site. In some cases, students are not able to opt out of the accommodation that is provided through the program. 

The University of Toronto does not assume responsibility for any accommodation and/or flights arranged independently.

Note: Your sense of adventure and ability to be flexible are critical elements of this wonderful opportunity. Be prepared to live in an environment as experienced by local students. This includes services and facilities not always being equivalent to what you may be used to in North America. As with any international travel, you should be prepared to adapt to local customs and standards that may be disconcerting initially, but that ultimately will broaden your understanding and appreciation of the host country and its culture.