student stories

Student Stories

June 12, 2023
FAH392Y0 Studies Abroad in Medieval Art and Architecture offered in Tours, France is a special initiative between the Summer Abroad office and the Department of Art History. The course runs from May 26th- June 24th, 2023. During the week of June 12th, Qiqi shared her experience as a student in FAH392Y0 in France.
April 4, 2023
Congratulations to everyone who has been admitted to a 2023 Summer Abroad program! We look forward to supporting you through your upcoming Summer Abroad experience.    
November 4, 2022
Meet Natalie Boehmer, a past participant in the Summer Abroad program in England. In this article, Natalie shares why she chose ENG296: Special Topics in English Literature, Shakespeare.
October 4, 2022
Thank you to everyone who submitted photo and video content from their time abroad, we loved getting a glimpse into your wonderful experiences.
September 29, 2022
We are excited to welcome our new team of work study students! All of these students have participated in at least one Summer Abroad course. Over the fall and winter semesters, you'll see them across the three U of T campuses answering questions about Summer Abroad. They are eager to share their own experiences and advise other U of T students on all the international learning opportunities available through Summer Abroad in 2023!   
Tracy poses at a Summer Abroad Event
July 4, 2022
In about two weeks, Alina will be heading to Berlin for the Germany Summer Abroad program, she wrote a blog post to share her thoughts and feelings before she heads abroad.
Berlin Photo
July 4, 2022
By the end of July participants in the Italy program will be arriving in Siena! In anticipation, many students are researching the location and making plans for seeing and doing a variety of things while in Italy. In this infographic, Intaj shares the top five things she is looking forward to checking off her Italy bucket list during field trips and free time.  
An Italy Summer Abroad Bucket List featuring: The Palio de Siena, A Gondola ride in Venice, Touring the Colosseum, Visiting the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and Relaxing by lake Como
June 29, 2022
2022 is the second year that the Summer Abroad Office has offered virtual Summer Abroad courses. These courses allow students to experience international learning online through virtual field trips, guest speakers and local experience. This infographic highlights the virtual Summer Abroad course: SOC393Y: Contemporary Chinese Society (China: Beijing & Tianjin) from the perspective of a 2022 participant
Tracy's Infographic on her experience in the Beijing & Tianjin virtual program