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Benefits of Summer Abroad

Benefits of Summer Abroad

  • Complete a full-year University of Toronto undergraduate degree credit course from the Faculty of Arts & Science in 3 to 6 weeks over the summer. It does not conflict with the regular academic year.
  • Learning is not limited to the classroom! Locations become your “living textbook” and you will be completely immersed in the language, history, culture, art, religion, business and politics of the host country.

  • Relatively small classes (about 25 students on average) are taught by U of T professors or faculty from the host university.

  • Less stress! Accommodations, mandatory field trips and some program activities are arranged by U of T. Pre-departure orientations are available to help you prepare for your trip, and onsite staff will support you throughout the program.

  • Become a global citizen. Expand your world view and understand cultural differences.

  • Boost your self-confidence and independence and strengthen adaptability, communication and team-building skills.

  • Enhance your career opportunities. You will add an international perspective to your education and relate classroom study to real-world situations abroad.

  • Create lifelong friendships. Many say that the people they met on their Summer Abroad programs have become their closest friends.

  • It’s a once in a lifetime experience!