Meet the 2022/23 Work Study Team!

Tracy poses at a Summer Abroad Event
September 29, 2022

We are excited to welcome our new team of work study students! All of these students have participated in at least one Summer Abroad course. Over the fall and winter semesters, you'll see them across the three U of T campuses answering questions about Summer Abroad. They are eager to share their own experiences and advise other U of T students on all the international learning opportunities available through Summer Abroad in 2023! 

Alina sitting on a bench

Alina F

Program of Study + Year: Socio-Cultural Anthropology and International Development Studies, Fourth Year

Campus: UTSC

Summer Abroad Program + Course: Germany (POL300Y)

Favourite Summer Abroad Memory: our 4-day trip to Belgium, where we visited the European Commission, as well as many museums, historical buildings, and beautiful places in Brussels and Antwerp!

Alissia in a telephone booth in front of Big Ben

Alissia S

Program of Study + Year: English and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Third Year 

Campus: UTM

Summer Abroad Program + Course: England (ENG296Y)

Favourite Summer Abroad Memory: visiting Shakespeare’s Birthplace. Here I was able to step inside Shakespeare’s childhood home and see how they lived their life before their success. This reminded me of how Shakespeare is not only a brilliant writer—but a person as well.


Jaden B

Program of Study + Year: Medical Radiation Sciences (U of T & UHN), graduated from undergrad at U of T in Spring 2022

Campus: UTSG

Summer Abroad Program + Course: France (HIS389Y)

Favourite Summer Abroad Memory: exploring the country at my own pace with help from the staff. In France, we not only had course field trips, but the on-site staff organized leisure trips outside of class time and they were able to help me plan an independent trip to Vimy Ridge. 

Photo of Christina in the dining hall at Oxford

Christina L

Program of Study + Year:​ Rotman Commerce Accounting Specialist, Fourth Year

Campus:​ UTSG

Summer Abroad Program: South Korea (MGT395Y) + England  (HIS298Y)

Favourite Summer Abroad Memory: the time that I spent with the friends I made in Seoul and also in Oxford. I felt lucky to be able to bond with these people and enjoyed every moment and every adventure we had together. 


Petek Photo

Petek G

Program of Study + Year:​ Economics and Political Science Double Major + International Affairs Certificate, Fourth Year

Campus:​ UTSG

Summer Abroad Program: Italy (ANT396Y)

Favourite Summer Abroad Memory: watching the Carmen opera in the Verona Arena (Colosseo Verona), it was a Roman amphitheater built in 30 AD, lifetime experience!

Solana poses on a street in Athens

Solana F

Program of Study + Year:  Economics Major with a Double Minor in Stats and Math, Third Year

Campus: UTSG

Summer Abroad Program + Course: Greece (POL300Y)

Favourite Summer Abroad Memory: our day trip to Aegina


Stacey  poses in London

Stacey J

Program of Study + Year:  BBA Program specialist in Management & Marketing, Third Year

Campus: UTSC

Summer Abroad Program + Course: Spain (ANT395Y) + England (HIS298Y)

Favourite Summer Abroad Memory: every moment in Spain and England. My favourite moment was when I went to Barcelona on the weekend to go paddle and watch the sunrise with the friends that I made in the Spain Program. In England, the high table dinner at Oxford University was unforgettable.

Photo of Tracy

Tracy K

Program of Study + Year: Book and Media Studies/ East Asian Studies, Third Year

Campus:  UTSG

Summer Abroad Program + Course:  virtual Beijing & Tianjin (SOC393Y)

Favourite Summer Abroad Memory: the morning coffee chat with our professors and guest speakers at a Hong-Kong style tea restaurant at 9 AM!