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Applications for 2020 Summer Abroad Programs Due March 15, 2019

The deadline for instructors and departments to submit course proposals is March 15 of the preceding year of offering (e.g., March 15, 2019 is the deadline for any proposals for Summer 2020).

2020 Program Sites Requiring Instructors
2020 Summer Abroad Instructor Application Form (MS Word file)
Summer Abroad Learning Objectives  (PDF file)

Selection Criteria are outlined in the “Application” tab below.


Interested instructors must complete the 2020 Summer Abroad Instructor Application Form (MS Word file) and submit it via email to Course proposals should relate to the selection criteria listed below and the Summer Abroad Learning Objectives (pdf file).

Selection Criteria

Both the courses and instructors are evaluated for their suitability as part of the Summer Abroad program. The selection of all courses and instructors are at the sole decision of Woodsworth College, since funding for all courses is through the College budget.

A. Course Selection Criteria

Ongoing Offerings: Some Summer Abroad sites have courses that are listed every year. Ongoing courses include those that: are offered by the host institution; can sustain high enrolment of 30+ students (e.g., RSM295Y0 in Hong Kong); or are required for administrative/academic reasons (e.g., French Cultural Studies course in Tours, France). Appendix 1 – Sites Requiring Instructors (pdf file) lists the sites for which instructors are sought and the estimated number of courses we plan to staff. Sites or courses for which we do not require instructors are also shown.

Relevance to Site: The academic content and field trips for all courses must be relevant to—and take advantage of—the host site. Science research courses or those with service learning components overseas will be considered.

Enrolment: Courses must have broad appeal. The Summer Abroad Programs are cost-recovery and as such we normally require a minimum of 22 students for a course to be financially viable. The following information is used to assess the appeal of courses: course enrolment statistics from the previous fall/winter session; the number of students in relevant minor, major and specialist programs; whether the course will be cross listed; and historical enrolments in similar Summer Abroad course offerings. The Summer Abroad office tries to offer courses that can be counted towards minor, major or specialist programs but that also have few or no prerequisites so that they may be taken as electives.

Complementarity: Our goal is to have courses that complement other courses at that site as well as the other Summer Abroad offerings. Competing offerings are avoided.

Diversity in Offerings: In large programs (e.g., Siena, Hong Kong), courses from a variety of disciplines are offered, in order to attract and accommodate the needs of as many students as possible. In general, courses are changed from year to year to keep the curriculum ‘fresh.’ Note: the number of courses offered per site is determined based on historical program enrolment, residence capacity, and the quality of the student experience.

B. Instructor Selection Criteria

Status at UofT: Preference will be given to faculty at the University of Toronto, including Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, and Senior Lecturers.
Positions will only be advertised to CUPE Unit 3 or Unit 1 instructors, or to instructors from other universities, if suitable instructors cannot be found from the pool of University of Toronto faculty.

Excellence in Teaching:
Instructors must demonstrate excellent teaching abilities and commitment. Indicators that will be used to assess teaching performance include teaching evaluations, teaching awards received, and enrolment levels in other courses taught by this instructor.

Commitment to the Student Experience:
Instructors must be prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty as students abroad are more dependent on the faculty for guidance and support, including outside of regular teaching hours. Instructor approachability and participation/performance in similar programs or off- campus offerings will be considered.

Familiarity with the Host Site and Language:
Instructors should have familiarity with the site so that they can plan field trips and where possible make connections with the host university and/or local organizations (e.g., for guest lectures). Given the special safety considerations of certain programs (e.g., Ecuador and archaeological digs), only instructors who have engaged in work at the sites or who have experience running field schools in these environments will be considered. For Science Abroad research opportunities instructors must have a current research project or collaboration at the host site. Decisions will be made by a committee with representatives from Woodsworth College and the Faculty of Arts & Science. Applicants will be informed of the decision within three months of the application deadline.


What is the instructor compensation?

Instructors will receive teaching stipend for a “Y” course, return economy airfare to site, UofT arranged faculty accommodation, and field trip expenses. All instructors receive the same stipend regardless of the duration of the program.

For Science Abroad research projects no stipend is issued to instructors. Eligible expenses for reimbursement will be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of the research project and the number of participating students.

How large will my class be?

For most courses, instructors will have a maximum of 30 students.

What can I expect when teaching a Summer Abroad course?

Please click here for a document outlining what instructors can expect when teaching a Summer Abroad course (pdf file).

How will the students who apply for my course be selected?

Applicants for all programs will be considered based on the following criteria:
– Academic record over the past 12 months
– Relevance of program of study
– Personal statement (outlining the reasons why he/she wants to study abroad, how this program fits into his/her overall academic program and personal goals, describing a situation in which he/she had to adapt to the environment or circumstance)

When will I find out if I've been selected?

The Summer Abroad instructor selection committee meets in late March or early April. Applicants will be informed about their application status within two weeks of the meeting taking place.

Proposals for New Programs

Departments or UofT instructors can submit proposals for new programs. These are also due March 15 of the preceding year of the proposed offering (e.g., March 15, 2018 is the deadline for any proposals for Summer 2019). Proposals are welcome from Arts and Science and other divisions.

There is no standard form. However the committee will be considering the following:

  • Whether there is an on-going commitment of a UofT department to be the primary academic partner;
  • Pool of potential instructors to teach in the program;
  • Potential appeal to students;
  • Overlap and possible competition with other programs (e.g., will a new group of students or geographic area be served? Does the new program complement existing offerings?);
  • Appropriateness of the overseas partner (i.e., the institution that will be hosting the students);
  • Cost of the program;
  • Safety and security of the site;
  • Administrative capacity of the host university;
  • Administrative capacity of Woodsworth College to deliver the program;
  • How the program fits into the faculty and university’s academic priority areas. Preference will be given to programs that can demonstrate long-term viability.

More Info

For more information regarding Summer Abroad instructor selection, please contact:
Sarah Witol
Director, Professional & International Programs Office
Woodsworth College
Tel: 416-978-5786