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2023 South Africa Personal Reflection Video

Final Reflections - 2023 South Africa Summer Abroad

Watch the following video Caroline reflects on her personal journey as part of the South Africa Summer Abroad program. 

Street in Bo-Kaap

Program Spotlight: Virtual South Africa 2021

The first virtual Summer Abroad course to launch this year was our South Africa program, which features the course Inclusive Consulting with Micro-Enterprises (RSM395) taught by Professor Ann Armstrong

This unique program brings together students from diverse academic disciplines, including Engineering and Commerce, and provides them with the opportunity to work with micro-entrepreneurs at the base of the economic pyramid. 

In addition to learning about inclusive consulting from their professor, Dr. Ann Armstrong, students are also attending workshops and seminars organized by Cape Town consulting firm Reciprocity. These seminars help provide greater contextual understanding of how society, economics, and politics have shaped South Africa‚Äôs complicated history.

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The Virtual South Africa Program Experience

In this article, past-participant Xuan, shares her experiences in the South Africa virtual Summer Abroad program in 2021. She discusses: her motivations for applying for the program, the day to day experience in the course, guest speakers, community meetings, the final consulting project and benefits of participating.