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Sunday, August 7 to Saturday, September 3, 2022 (4 weeks) 

The University of Toronto has offered a summer program in England for over 20 years.  Since 2001, over 1750 students have enjoyed the experience of studying British culture and history while immersed in the United Kingdom.  

In 2022, the England Summer Abroad program will be offering the following five courses:

  • CRI389Y0 Topics in Criminology: Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities in Criminal Law - Historical Origins and New Directions in England and Canada 
  • ENG296Y0 Topics in English Literature: Shakespeare 
  • FAH392Y0 Studies Abroad in Medieval Art and Architecture
  • HIS298Y0 Themes and Issues in History: The History of Britain from Earliest Times to the Industrial Revolution
  • HIS343Y0 History of Modern Intelligence
Bridge of Sighs, Oxford, England

About Oxford, England

For more than a thousand years the city of Oxford has played a central role in English history. Aside from its famous university and incredible “dreaming spires,” the city is also home to England’s most famous library (the Bodleian), its smallest chapel (at Christ Church) and its oldest museum (the Ashmolean). It is the birthplace of Mensa, Oxfam, Alice in Wonderland, and The Lord of the Rings.

The city’s remarkable past can be traced through its stunning architecture from the Medieval, Renaissance, Tudor and Victorian periods. The city’s major attractions are all located downtown, which is surrounded by spectacular gardens, public parks and lush meadows. Oxford is only an hour away from London by train. The trans-channel ferry and Chunnel also allow convenient access to continental Europe.


Program Activities

To help familiarize students with Oxford, there will be a walking tour of the city. This tour will include such famous landmarks as the Ashmolean Museum, Bodleian Library, and the Covered Market. There will also be a high table dinner at Worcester. Finally, students may participate in additional activities paid for on-site, including the ancient tradition of punting down the Cherwell River, or taking an insider’s tour of Christ Church. 


Radcliffe Camera in Oxford, England.

England Summer Abroad: News and Highlights

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