Why Study Abroad?

For over forty years, the Summer Abroad Office has provided thousands of students with the unique opportunity of studying abroad with University of Toronto professors. Over 30 courses in all continents are offered every year!

Observe and experience what you learn in the classroom. Take your learning experience outside of the classroom. See for yourself how your course content applies to what you see around you!

Learn about a different culture. This is an incredible opportunity for you to immerse yourself in a completely different context, while having tons of support from us.

Expand your academic and professional horizons. Exposing yourself to a new environment and to different facets of your area of study will give you more ideas on what fields or topics you will want to focus on in the future.

Interact with your professor. Classes are usually small (25 students on average), allowing you to fully engage in class discussions, as well as to learn even more about your professor’s field of knowledge.

Earn a full-year UofT credit in just 4-6 weeks! Each Summer Abroad course is a University of Toronto full-credit courses (1.0 FCE).

Generous financial assistance available. Students may be eligible for awards, scholarships, or bursaries. To learn more, visit University of Toronto .

Study Abroad