RSM295Y0 Special Topics: History and Design of Financial Institutions

This course is designed to give students a broad overview of the development of financial technologies since the dawn of recorded history. From ancient granaries and clay tokens to global re-insurance firms and high-frequency trading, finance has impacted the lives of nearly all people across the world, both shaping and being shaped in turn by various cultures. In England, we will study the roots of Anglo-American finance so we can better understand how capital is allocated in the western world. Throughout the course we also visit several important financial institutions to learn about how these functions are carried out in practice. Finally, we consider the future of the United Kingdom and how tomorrow’s challenges may necessitate a redesign of many parts of the financial order we take for granted today. Not eligible for CR/NCR option. This course is open to both Commerce and non-Commerce students.

Prerequisites: None.
BR=None. (For BBA students at UTSC, RSM courses typically count as MGT.)
Exclusion: RSM295Y0 Special Topics: History and Design of Financial Institutions in any other location.
RSM295Y0 – Preliminary Course Outline

Field Trips: Course excursions will include several trips to financial institutions and organizations in London, such as the Tower of London and the London Stock Exchange. The cost of these field trips is CAD$425, paid to U of T for all fees, guides and return bus transportation.

Instructor: William Huggins has taught at the University of Toronto for 9 years, covering courses on corporate finance, financial markets, statistics, macroeconomics, and investments. He has won the Rotman Teaching Excellence award 6 times and supports a number of finance and economic-focused student organizations. He has an undying love of history and geopolitics, and believes that understanding why is sometimes more important than knowing how.

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