Central Europe (Cancelled for 2022)

This online course is worth one full-year credit and is contingent on adequate enrolment. The program is four weeks long and classes will take place virtually Monday through Wednesday with some group activities scheduled outside of class time, as well as some asynchronous activities. A full schedule will be sent to admitted students.

MGT397Y0 Institutions and Organizations in the European Context

This course will introduce and apply international management theories, concepts and frameworks to investigate how organizations leverage their position to succeed in Europe and beyond. Using the “institutional view of the firm”, this course will look at both European success stories and global players competing in Europe, introducing students to the structure and regulatory frameworks governing European Union (EU) organizations, the perspective of the European manager and public policy-setter, and the cultures of the diverse EU consumer.  Situated in Central Europe, this course will explore these topics experientially through the lens of proximate society. The course is founded on managerial studies, but will draw upon a holistic set of functions and traditions, drawing on multi-disciplinary insights to introduce students to those region-specific competencies and limitations that affect competition.   

Prerequisite: None
BR = Society and its Institutions (3)
CR/NCR option: Eligible
Exclusion: RSM392H1 Strategic Management

Note:  Rotman Commerce students may take this course but it will be marked "EXT" and cannot be used in place of RSM392H. 

RSM395Y0 – 2022 Course Outline (DRAFT)


Jan Klakurka is a foresight and strategy “pracademic” with a professional background spanning over twenty-five years in industry, professional services (strategy consulting and public accounting) and academia. As tenured Associate Professor and Past Chair of the Management & Organizational Studies instructor at Huron University at Western and long-standing instructor at all three campuses of UofT (Rotman, UTM and UTSC), Jan’s research is directed toward the intersection of strategic planning, lucid foresight and organizational governance. At Rotman, Jan founded the Real-Life Consulting Project© in 2011 that to date has offered students 135+ innovative management consulting projects with industry leaders ranging from billion-dollar MNE’s to local niche players. Jan teaches a variety of strategy courses (Management Consulting, Strategic Management, International Strategy, and Organizational Governance).  In 2013, Jan designed and developed his predecessor Summer Abroad course Strategy in the European Context, delivering it every year since inception.  At Huron, Jan has developed and teaches Canada’s only undergraduate course in Strategic Foresight & Futuring. As co-founder and Principal of Elevae Strategic Advisory, Jan advises on holistic business futures. Jan holds five top professional designations and degrees from University of Toronto and the Ivey Business School.  Recent work includes a publication on the future of holistic higher education in the journal Foresight, a book chapter describing his values and foresight-infused governance framework, a keynote covering consulting by academics, and judging the Most Significant Futures Works of the Association of Professional Futurists each year from 2018-2021.