Australia (Offered in 2022)

The University of Toronto will offer one course in Australia. The course is worth one half-year credit (H) and is contingent on adequate enrolment. Students will be in classes and on field activities most days except travel days. Class times in Australia will vary. Students will be joined by other international students who are partaking in the program through TEAN.

ENV396H0 Special Topics: Australian Wildlife and Conservation

Australia offers a unique and diverse range of natural and cultural landscapes and ecosystems to explore. Evolving from origins in ancient Gondwana and millions of years of geographic isolation, Australia has geographical and natural features found nowhere else in the world. This program allows an unparalleled opportunity for students to receive a firsthand introduction to Australia’s environment and wildlife through the eyes of local experts.

The context for this course is the global ecological crisis – we live in an increasingly human dominated world where the places for wildlife are shrinking, and nature conservation strategies are largely failing. Australia provides an interesting case study, given its recent history of industrial development (only just over 200 years ago) and still being graced with large tracts of native forested areas. Students are exposed to the challenges of conserving and managing natural and cultural heritage in the 21st century, and Australia’s unique flora and fauna are observed across climatically varied regions. Indigenous culture is fundamental to understanding the environment, and indigenous peoples’ cultural ties to the land are explored along with how these considerations are incorporated into management of protected conservation areas such as national parks and natural World Heritage sites.

Prerequisites: None.
Recommended Preparation:  ENV200H1 or equivalent or BIO120H1 or equivalent
Exclusion: ENV396Y0
Note: Students may not enrol in both the Ecuador Summer Abroad program (ENV395Y0) and the Australia Summer Abroad program (ENV396Y0) during the same summer.
2021 Course Outline


This course will be taught by a team of academics from the UNSW’s School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences. There will also be guest lectures from staff of the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service.