Physics in Switzerland

May to August 2020 (16 weeks)

Final dates will be confirmed once the research schedule has been set in early 2020.

ATLAS is a particle physics experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.  CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for research in particle physics.  Seven UofT professors are among the scientists conducting research there, leading a group of approximately 25 UofT researchers on ATLAS.  The experiment is recreating the conditions at the birth of the Universe and will bring us closer to a more complete understanding of the subatomic structure of our world.

Switzerland Accommodation and Meals

Accommodation will be arranged and provided by the ATLAS/Toronto research group, either on-site in one of CERN’s hostels, or off-site in an apartment, hostel or motel. Meals are normally purchased at one of the cafeterias on the CERN site and are the responsibility of the student. Students should budget approximately CAD$ 2,800 for meals and various expenses.

Group flight

The ATLAS/Toronto group will cover the cost of airfare to and from Geneva.

Switzerland: The ATLAS/Toronto group will cover the cost of airfare to and from Geneva.

Entry Requirements for Visitors to Switzerland

All students are responsible for making sure that their necessary travel documents are in order. Information on visitor entry requirements is available from: or by contacting the Consulate General of Switzerland in Toronto (Oakville) at: 905-845-1259 or

As of the time of publication (December 2019), Canadian citizens may be required to obtain a Visa prior to departure. Students are advised to contact the Swiss Consulate upon admission to the program to ensure they have the appropriate documents.  Citizens of other countries may have other requirements.