HIS389Y0 Topics in History: France since 1431

This course explores themes in French history since Joan of Arc. It delves into the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, Napoleon, the 19th century, the two World Wars – all the way to the present. It includes a focus on art, politics, cuisine, identity, regionalism, war and society, gender, architecture, colonialism, literature and culture, to name only a few. Tours itself is a wonderful place to learn French history, thanks to its location in the heart of a magnificent cluster of chateaux, so evocative of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Prerequisites: 1 FCE in History or relevant academic preparation.
BR = None.
HIS389Y0 course outline 2019

Field Trips: Students will visit a variety of important sites, including several chateaux and a winery in the Loire region. The cost of the trips is CAD$675, paid to U of T for onsite transportation, guides and entrance fees.

Instructor: Professor Eric Jennings’ interests centre on France and French colonialism. He is the author of seven books and an edited volume, which have come out in both English and French. His latest book, Escape from Vichy: The Refugee Exodus to the French Caribbean (Harvard UP, 2018) explores the experiences of thousands who escaped mainland France to Martinique in 1940-1941. Professor Jennings has penned roughly fifty refereed chapters and articles straddling the histories of France and the broader world. These include a contribution to the award winning and best-selling France in the World. His research has garnered support from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, CIHR, and SSHRC. Professor Jennings has been a visiting professor at the EHESS and École normale supérieure in Paris, and Saint Andrews University in Scotland.