HIS385Y0 The History of Hong Kong

A study of political, economic and social change in the former British colony of Hong Kong from 1842 until the present day. Due to high student demand, two sections of this course will be offered in 2018.

Exclusion: HIS385H1
Recommended preparation: HIS280Y1/JMC201Y1
Note: Can be counted toward programs in Contemporary Asian Studies at the University of Toronto.

Section L3001
HIS385Y0 – Preliminary Course Outline
Field Trips: This section includes trekking field trips in and around Hong Kong and an overnight trip to Macau. The cost of these trips is:

      • CAD$330, paid to U of T for all transportation and entrance fees, and one night accommodation in Macau.
      • Approximately CAD$20, paid on-site for driver and guide tips.

Instructor: Elfed Vaughan Roberts has taught at the University of Hong Kong for over 32 years in various departments, including the Department of Politics and Public Administration, the Department of History, and the School of Business. He has published a number of books and articles, many in the field of Hong Kong’s history and the Hong Kong business environment. He is also visiting lecturer to the University of Fudan in Shanghai and is honorary professor at the University of Mongolia. Elfed Roberts was a presenter for the Hong Kong television program A Week in Politics. For many years he has taught in the University of Toronto’s Hong Kong summer program and has consistently received very enthusiastic evaluations from students.

Section L3002
HIS385Y0 L3002 – Preliminary Course Outline
Field Trips: Students in this section will participate in a day trip to Macau and visits to the Hong Kong Museum of History and scavenger hunts in Tsim Sha Tsui and HKU campus. The cost of these trips is:

      • CAD$200, paid to U of T for all transportation and entrance fees.
      • Approximately CAD$65, paid on-site for museum entrance fees and driver tips.

Instructor: Dr. Carol Tsang completed her BA and MPhil degrees in the Department of History at the University of Hong Kong, and earned her PhD from the department in 2011 with her thesis on women’s medicine and women’s diseases in colonial Hong Kong. She teaches in the department and the Common Core Curriculum. Carol is a historian of modern Hong Kong who has published on women’s health and history education. She is currently completing her manuscript, Better Babies, which explores a wide range of discourses about reproduction that the government, elites, obstetricians, and journalists produced and circulated in the twentieth century.

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