FAH392Y0 Medieval France: Art and Architecture

This course explores one thousand years of French history through the buildings and artifacts created and used by the crown, the church, and the people. The essence of the course are the two field trips each week (usually on Tuesday and Thursday), designed to give students direct experience of the primary sources that constitute history. Lectures (usually on Monday and Wednesday) provide background material and introductions to the site visits. Students will not only learn about the rich history of medieval and early Renaissance France but also develop skills for analyzing buildings and art in situ.

Prerequisite: one FAH half course in medieval art and architecture
BR= 1
FAH392Y Preliminary Course Outline

Field Trips: Students will visit a variety of important sites including castles and cathedrals located in the Loire region. The total cost of these field trips is CAD$700, paid to U of T for all return bus transportation and entrance fees.

Instructor: Adam Cohen teaches medieval art history at UofT, where his dynamic style has made him a popular lecturer. Here is a sample of comments from RateMyProfessors.com: “Amazing prof. If you are going to take one art history course at U of T, take Prof. Cohen’s class, it’s worth it!” “Awesome prof! I can’t believe I almost didn’t take this course—even if Medieval art isn’t your thing, he’ll make you love it.” “Cohen is so incredibly funny which makes the class all the more interesting and awesome. I’ve never had so much fun in an art history course.” He is excited to be returning to Tours for the second summer in a row and building on the success of last year.