CRI389Y0 Current Issues in International Criminology

This course is designed to introduce students to current issues in international criminology. Students will be exposed to recent research and policy debates that are relevant in both Europe and North America. The course will explore the following topics: 1) Cross-national crime trends and patterns; 2) The mafia and the growth of international organized crime; 3) Immigration and crime; 4) Youth radicalization, street gangs and “homegrown” terrorism; 5) Human trafficking and the refugee crisis; 6) Drug prohibition; 7) Hate crime; 8) Corporate crime within the global economy; 9) Violence against women in the global context; and 10) International trends in crime prevention and punishment. The teaching format will consist of lectures, seminar discussions, films, student presentations, debates and field trips.

Prerequisite: none.
CRI389Y0 – Preliminary course outline

Field trips: This course includes visits to a local police station, day trips to Volterra, and overnight trip to Rome and a local wine tour. The cost of these trips is CAD$780, paid to UofT for return bus transportation to all sites, guides, overnight accommodation in Rome and most entry fees.

Instructor: Dr. Scot Wortley is widely acknowledged as one of Canada’s leading criminologists. He has served as an advisor on crime and criminal justice issues to all levels of government in both Canada and abroad. He served as the National Metropolis Domain Leader for research on Policing, Immigration and Crime and as Research Director for the Ontario Government’s Roots of Youth Violence Inquiry. Professor Wortley is widely published and has been invited to speak at conferences across Canada, the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and China. His current research interests include: 1) Gangs, guns and organized crime; 2) Ethnicity, immigration and crime; 3) Bias within the criminal justice system; 4) Youth offending and victimization; 5) Media depictions of crime; and 6) The evaluation of crime prevention strategies. He currently has several international research projects including the 2016 Jamaican National Victimization Survey. A Professor at the University of Toronto since 1996, Dr. Wortley taught the first criminology course ever offered in Siena as part of the Summer Abroad program.

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